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About Project Envision – Williamsburg

Envision a world without sexual violence… What would it look like?

We envision Williamsburg as a place where all community members share an understanding of what sexual violence is and take responsibility for preventing it. The Williamsburg Coalition provides a safe, inclusive space that enables us to celebrate our diverse race, class, and culture while we address the causes of sexual violence and use our valuable community resources to build lasting prevention efforts.

We are dedicated to primary prevention through community involvement. We are community members and rape crisis programs invested in creating a safe and inclusive environment, free from violence.

Just to clarify, when we say primary prevention, we mean our group is seeking to address the root causes of sexual violence, before it happens. Rather than telling a someone to make sure s/he doesn’t drink too much, or that someone should just put her head down and walk fast when someone catcalls on the street, our group seeks to address what it is that condones a rape culture and why it is so widespread.

Sexual violence harms individuals, families, and communities. It is linked to other forms of community violence and problems like homelessness, substance abuse, depression and prostitution.

Our approach: We know, from our work as rape crisis service providers and as people who live in this community, that sexual violence exists in Williamsburg. To prevent it from happening, we need more than our knowledge, we need commitment from community members who believe it is important to stop the violence.

 After initiating this project several years ago and then spending  a year doing focus groups, interviews, and street surveys, we learned what the Williamsburg community knows about sexual violence here and how they think the community can prevent it.

Our time frame: This takes time! We have gathered and analyzed the critical information we need to work with the rest of the community to develop projects to prevent sexual violence from the ground→ up. We reported this data back to the community and got feedback. Now we are in the process of putting programs  in place to begin our long battle to eradicate sexual violence in our community.

Join our fight! If you are interested, please message us here, email us at

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