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Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Needs Rape Crisis Advocates!

August 27, 2010

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Become a New York State Certified

Rape Crisis Advocate!


The Violence Intervention and Treatment Program at WHMC is the only hospital-based rape crisis volunteer advocate program in Brooklyn. If you are interested in receiving specialized training and providing much needed services as part of a dynamic and rapidly growing program, please join us!

PROGRAM Violence Intervention and Treatment Program

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Brooklyn, NY 11237

DESCRIPTION Volunteers attend a 40-hour training on sexual violence. Upon completion, volunteers are certified Advocates who sign up for scheduled shifts to respond to the WHMC Emergency Department when a Patient reports sexual assault.
VOLUNTEER TITLE Rape Crisis Advocate
RESPONSIBILITIES Services are not limited to, but include, the following:

–         Volunteers sign up for two regular overnight or weekend shifts per month The Volunteer Advocate is responsible for being reachable and available during their assigned shifts

–         Provide immediate emotional support and crisis counseling for survivors of sexual assault and their family, partners, or friends

–         Explain medical procedures and legal options

–         If Pt. prefers, attend the medical exam and forensic evidence collection

–         Act as a liaison and advocate with hospital staff and criminal justice personnel on behalf of the survivor

–         Provide information and referrals, including follow-up care with VITP

–         Facilitate Patient’s comfort during ED visit, and help to arrange for clean clothes and transportation upon discharge

–         Complete Advocate Report Form to clearly communicate your perspective on Pt.’s ED visit to VITP Program Coordinator

–         Promptly follow-up with VITP Program Coordinator for Supervision during or following a case

–         Attendance at Monthly Advocate Supervision and Training meetings is mandatory. Advocate meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month

QUALIFICATIONS: –         Application and interview required

–         Volunteers must be 18 years old or over

–         Completion of 40-hour training

–         Commitment to attending Volunteer meetings

–         Volunteers must have access to public or private transportation in order to respond to the ED within 30 minutes of being paged/called

–         Commitment, dependability, an open mind, and ability to work independently as well as part of a team

LOCATION Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

374 Stockholm Street

Brooklyn, NY 11237

WORK HOURS Shifts: Weekdays 5pm to 9am, and Saturday, Sunday, and some holidays 9am-9pm and 9pm-9am.
LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT A year long commitment is required; however, a longer commitment is preferred


For application and interviewing process contact:

Deesha Narichania

Violence Intervention and Treatment Program

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

374 Stockholm Street

Brooklyn, NY

Tel.: 718-906-3857

Fax: 718-302-8544


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